In UK club music 2010 was the year of the Night Slugs. To celebrate this fact, they round up 13 prime cuts for their 1st CD release, including exclusives and VIP versions from their top boys and showcasing the most virile memes of Teched-out Funky, Jacked-up R&B and Electroid Bass music. On an upfront and exclusive tip, there's a ramped-up VIP mix of Mosca's awesome 'Square One', next to Jam City's all-new and stupidly effective 'Arpjam' plus the shocking force of an L-Vis 1990 & T. Williams hookup entitled 'Stand Up', all created especially for this comp. You may also notice a few newish names, introducing the likes of Ikonika's buddy Optimum on the fluttering, tranced-out Funky riffs of 'Broken Embrace' and the lazer-soul House of Montreal's Jacques Greene with '(Baby I Don't Know) What You Want'. Still fresh out the box, Girl Unit's outstanding 'Wut' anthem makes a bold appearance next to Kingdom's athletic Ballroom banger 'Bust Broke' and there's still no f**king with Lil Silva's 'Seasons', possibly the label's canniest A&R move. Factor in Bok Bok's remix of another megatonne bomb 'IRL', the sweetened synth licks of Velour's 'Booty Slammer' (now outed as the work of Hyetal and Julio Bashmore), and the warped electro-heat of Egyptrixx and Cubic Zirconia, and you know what the outcome is... ESSENTIAL.

Klaxons Twin Flames

Amazing new video directed by Saam Farahmand


Transilvania (Brodinski Remix)

Really feeling this Brodinski Remix! :)

Future Sound..

The Indie Series Presents: A-Trak sits down with DJ Atrak to discuss his independent label Fools Gold. For those that don’t know, Fools Gold was the home for KiD CuDi, The Cool Kids, Donnis, and a slew of other acts from different genres. In the first part of our interview, Atrak talks about how Fools Gold tows the line between an indie and major label. He then goes on to explain the appeal on an independent label, and how a majors difficulty in developing artists adds to it.
In part 2 of our interview, Atrak talks about the start of Fools Gold. He talks about the importance of keeping a lot of their work in house, and the importance of creating product in comparison to making music. He goes on to say that Fools Gold is almost like an artist itself.

Whole City Lock

'me n my crew got the whole city locked, impress the gyal dem with di style dat we got'

basically i'm modest in my new track... let me know what you think >>

Whole City Lock by wholesick